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If you have an ant problem in your home then it is important to get a professional exterminator to assess the problem and treat it. As anyone that has ever tried to treat an ant problem themselves will know spraying the ants is only a short term solution which will not permanently get rid of them. The most common ant removal treatments include bait stations and insecticidal dusts and sprays which can be directly applied to the ants and ant nests and these are the treatments that we use and would recommend.

Types of Ants

There are many species of ants but the ones that tend to cause the most problems are the black and or common garden ant varieties in the UK. Most of the common garden ant species are between 3 to 5mm in length and all of them have bodies split into three sections which are: head, thorax and abdomen. Ants are very highly organised social insects and usually nest in soil but can also be found living under paving stones, in walls and under decking.

Common Ant Problems

The most common place to see ants inside your home is in the kitchen when the worker ants are foraging for food. Simply killing these ants is not enough as the nest still exists and more worker ants will keep appearing. One of the reasons for choosing an ant exterminator to get rid of ants is that you can be sure that the ants won't come back. By using professional grade insecticides our ant exterminators will make sure that the nest is destroyed.

Ant Removal and Prevention

In order to get rid of an ant problem it is important to identify the species of ant that is causing the problem. While most people will find common black ants in their homes other species of ant such as the common garden red ant may cause problems in the home and garden. Our professional ant exterminators will be able to quickly identify the species of ant and use the most effective treatment method to get rid of the problem.

The most common form of treatment is using insecticidal bait stations which will attract the ants and let them take the bait back to their nest. While this approach is generally the best in cases where immediate results are needed it may be best to use insecticidal dust and spray to treat the ant problem.

Prevention is far better than a cure so one of the ways you can help stop ants from entering your home is by cleaning away leftover food, disposing of garbage and covering up entry points into your home. If you have had a problem with ants our expert team will be happy to help give you advice and guidance on stopping future problems.

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