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Cluster flies are found throughout the UK, but predominantly in rural areas. Their common name refers to their habit of forming clusters when hibernating, often in large numbers in the upper rooms and roof spaces of buildings during the autumn period. Whilst there is a specific species of common cluster fly (Polleniarudis), there are four other species which vary in size and colouration, so it is possible to have mixed populations of flies causing the problem inside suitable buildings. Any of these species of fly presence is not a sign of poor hygiene. There is no need, and in any case it is not practicable to try to control the flies outdoors or to control their breeding areas.

What are the signs that you have cluster flies?

Cluster flies will start entering buildings during the autumn to escape the colder weather and to survive the winter. When the weather starts becoming warmer in the spring they will become more active again and will be more noticeable.

Cluster flies are usually found in rural or semi-rural areas and can be found in loft spaces or sometimes in unused rooms, or around sash windows. They are usually seen in large groups and will often be noticed around sunny windows.

The only effective way of treating a Cluster Fly problem is to have the loft area treated with a professional ULV (ultra low volume) machine. This machine sprays a very fine mist of insecticide into the roof space, which floats in the air for approximately an hour, in which time it will settle in every crevice and all surfaces. Most lofts are suitable for this treatment.

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