Health Issues Caused by Fleas

Whether you have cats and dogs or are a pet free home, fleas can be a real nuisance and one that can cause some big health issues. And because of their ability to live without a host for long periods of time, getting rid of fleas in your home can be a real problem. In this article we'll look at some of the diseases that can be spread by fleas and also some top tips for treating the problem.

Cat scratch fever - As the name would suggest this disease is most common in cats but it can easily spread to humans in a number of ways such as being bitten by the flea, scratched by your cat or even having your cat lick you.

Typhus - Typhus is a common disease in rats and this can easily be spread to humans if they come into contact with infected fleas. Usually this is spread through flea faeces coming into contact with open wounds, scratches or sores but it can also be spread in areas with high numbers of fleas.

Tapeworms - Infected fleas act as hosts for tapeworms and when they bite humans as well as causing red swollen bites they can pass on the tapeworm into the bloodstream. Tapeworms can grow up to 9 meters in length in humans so can be a real problem. If you think that you have a flea problem then it's important to get it treated as soon as possible in order to stop any spread of disease. There are some things you can do yourself and below are the most effective treatments.

Vacuuming - One of the simplest and most effective treatments for fleas is to vacuum all carpets, furnishings, floorboards and upholstered furniture. Make sure to empty your vacuum outside of your home as fleas can still be alive.

Wash bedding - Regularly washing your bedding and soft furnishings can help to eliminate fleas that may be living there. Using a hot wash will help to kill off fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae.

Flea powder and sprays - DIY stores stock flea powders and sprays that can be used on upholstered furniture and other areas of your home which you are unable to wash.

If the above treatments don't seem to work and you still have a problem in your home then the best course of action would be to call out a pest control expert. Not only do they have years of experience, but they also have the equipment needed to treat the problem and put an end to the itching.

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