Home Remedies For Bed Bugs - Do They Work?

If you think that you've got bed bugs in your home then the most common reaction is to search for how to get rid of them. While there is a lot of advice available which home remedies and DIY solutions actually work and which are just a myth.

Ultrasonic Devices
These devices are said to get rid of anything from bed bugs and fleas to mice and rats but do they actually have any effect. Well the jury is still out on these but according to most experts they have never been proven to actually work and will not rid you of your bed bug problem.

Baking Soda
This is one of the most common home remedies for bed bugs and the method involves sprinkling baking soda around bed frames, mattresses and the area around your bed. The idea is that the baking soda gets absorbed by the bed bugs and causes them to dehydrate and die. While baking soda might actually work in the short term on mattresses it will not stop the problem permanently and you will continue to have bed bugs.

Moth Balls
The chemicals and pungent smell of moth balls are said to be an effective treatment for bed bugs but do they work? Well after numerous studies they have been proven to kill some adult bed bugs but not to wipe out a nest. Bed bug nymphs and eggs still remain as do around 50% of the adult bugs.

Hot Wash Bedding
Washing your bedding on a high heat is thought to kill off bed bugs and get rid of the problem. This method does actually work for killing bed bugs and gets rid of eggs, nymphs and adults. While this is effective for bedding for areas that you can't wash you could still have a problem with bed bugs.

Tea Tree Oil
Diluting tea tree oil with water and spraying the mixture on bed bug hot spots such as bedding, mattresses, carpets and furniture is a common home remedy. In order for this to be effective the mixture needs to be sprayed directly on bed bugs and is only a partly effective method.

Regular vacuuming of bed bug hot spots such as underneath furniture, mattress seams, cushions, pillows and between wall joints is a very popular DIY treatment for bed bugs. This method is proven to remove bed bugs and is an effective way to control bed bugs in your home. Like most DIY methods this is not 100% effective but it is a good start that combined with washing your bedding on a hot cycle can really help.

Rubbing Alcohol
Like tea tree oil it is thought that spraying rubbing alcohol in places that bed bugs are commonly found will help to get rid of them. Again here the problem is that in order to be effective the alcohol percentage needs to be extremely high (above 90%) and it is not proven to effectively treat the problem. Using alcohol also poses a serious fire risk and can also have negative health impacts.

By subjecting the bed bugs to extreme temperatures freezing is thought to kill off bed bugs including nymphs, eggs and adults. In the same way that heat works to kill bed bugs, freezing has been proven to work to kill bed bugs on affected items. Like bedding the issue remains that this treatment can't be applied to fixtures and larger items. While there are many home and DIY remedies the most effective way to treat bed bugs is by contacting a pest control expert. Not only can they identify what the problem is but also come up with an effective treatment plan that will help you rid your home of bed bugs forever.

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