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Mice Control Derby

There are many types and species of mice in the UK but only a few of these could be seen as being a pest which are: field mouse, wood mouse, house mouse and yellow necked field mouse. Although the occasional mouse can be caught in a trap, effective eradication requires a comprehensive baiting with suitable poisoned bait.

As with any pest problem it is important to assess what the problem is in order to provide a solution that works. One of our professional pest controllers will be able to visit your home or business and help assess the problem. Not only will they be able to complete the job safely and effectively ensuring there is no danger to pets or children, they will also be happy to give you advice on prevention.

The majority of mouse control problems we see are caused by the common house mouse, although in rural areas there may be problems with wood or field mice. Often the first indication that you have a mouse problem would be hearing them scurrying about at night or by finding the (rice grain-sized) droppings.

Other indications of a problem include a strong ammonia smell, grease marks around holes and against skirting board and gnawed food packaging. Because mice are nocturnal creatures you are unlikely to see or hear them during the day, unless there is a particularly heavy infestation.

Mouse Prevention Tips

Once our expert mouse control expert has treated your mice problem we will give you advice and guidance on how to prevent a future infestation. Here are some of our top tips for helping to mouse proof your property:

  • Vents and airbricks should be covered with fine mesh to help stop mice entering your property
  • Adding bristle or brush strips to your external doors will help seal your house
  • From pipes to wiring, holes in your walls should be filled
  • Keep lawns short and leave a gap between your house and the lawn

Types of Mice
The most common species of mice in the UK are the house mouse, wood or field mouse and yellow necked field mouse. These are commonly considered to be a pest and are most likely to be found in a house, business, garage, shed or outbuilding.

House Mouse
Most mouse control problems concern the house mouse which is grey or brown rodents with relatively large ears and small eyes. An adult weighs about 1/2 ounce and is about 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches long, including the 3 to 4 inch tail.

Field Mouse
Field mice are more of an issue for farms and agricultural businesses than for domestic properties as they normally go into outhouses and sheds. They are a similar size to house mice but have a sandy orange coloured fur and often have a small touch of yellow on their bellies. They range in size but an adult will be between 6 and 8 inches in length including their tail and weigh around 1/2 an ounce.

Yellow Necked Field Mouse
More of an issue for rural communities the yellow necked field mouse will often chew through wiring and can be found in hedges, rural gardens and outbuildings. As their name would suggest they have a yellow band around their neck with a brown head and body. Adults can weigh up to an ounce and can be up to 10 inches long including their tails.

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