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If your home or business is invaded by pests then it is important to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Not only can pests cause worry and stress but they can also cause a lot of damage to your property. With over 20 years of pest control expertise we can quickly and effectively treat all types of common pests.

Case Study: Ant Infestation in Birmingham

Not only are ants incredibly annoying but they can also cause a range of problems for home owners when they set up their nests inside the home.

Without professional treatment they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of and the problem will keep coming back. As the nests can be hard to locate self-treatment is often impossible.

We were contacted by a couple in Edgbaston who had started to notice a lot of ants in their kitchen. The couple had tried and failed to find the nest and despite using sprays and shop bought treatments had not been able to get rid of the ants.

After arranging a visit from our local Birmingham pest control team we were able to identify the ants as the Common ant or "Black Garden Ant". We also found a small nest of Ghost ants in the house which were located under the floor of the kitchen.

By using an insecticidal spray on the Ghost ant nest we were able to completely eradicate the nest and get rid of the internal nest. For the Black Garden Ants the treatment method included setting up bait stations on the ant paths as well as applying an insecticidal dust.

Since the Garden ants were nesting outside it was important to identify the point of entrance into the home in order to stop further infestations. Our pest controllers located a gap under the sink where a drainage pipe had not been sealed correctly and made sure that this was sealed.

Within a couple of days the couple noticed that they were not seeing as many black ants in the garden and they had not seen any ants in their kitchen.

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Whatever your problem, from ants and mice, to rats and bees, we can help remove and eradicate pests quickly. Our fully licensed pest controller can provide expert advice and deal with all types of pest..

We offer a 100% guarantee with all our pest control services so if for any reason the first treatment is not successful we will return and re-treat your property for free. Get in touch with Pestway Services today on 0800 043 0047 to discuss your pest problems for a fast, free quote.

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