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Case Study: Flea Removal in Sheffield

Fleas can be a nuisance in the home and are a common problem for pet owners. Not only can they cause irritation for your pet but they also feed on humans causing red itchy spots on the skin.

There are several types of fleas with the most common being the cat flea which feeds on cats, dogs and humans. Fleas can be hard to treat yourself as the eggs and larvae can be hidden in carpet, crevices and cracks in floorboards and behind skirting board. And because they entwine themselves deep in the fibres of carpets they are almost impossible to remove by just vacuuming.

Following a family holiday a couple in Sandygate in Sheffield contacted us after they noticed a lot of fleas on their cat and dogs. They had also been bitten by the fleas and had several red and sore spots appearing on their skin. Having tried flea spray for their pets they noticed that the problem was not getting better and they were still getting bitten.

The first thing that our pest control experts in Sheffield did was to use an insecticide spray on all soft furnishings to make sure that all fleas on furniture are exterminated.

Finally our pest controllers used an ultra-low volume machine to remove all fleas and spread our flea control residual spray throughout the property. To help the insecticide work we recommended that the couple avoided vacuuming and mopping their floors for 14 days while the insecticide got to work.

The couple were extremely happy with the treatment and noticed a big improvement straight away with all signs of the fleas disappearing within a couple of days. Our Sheffield pest control team also gave the couple advice on how to avoid future problems and also let them know that if the problem reoccurred within 3 months to get in touch for a Free re-treatment.

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If you have any pest problems in Sheffield then get in touch with Pestway Services today on 0800 043 0047. As a fully licensed pest control company we can deal with all types of pest including: mice, rats, wasps, bees, fleas, bed bugs, birds, squirrels and cockroaches.

And with a 100% guarantee on all our pest control services in Sheffield, if for any reason the first treatment does not work then we will return and re-treat for free.

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