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Many people don't consider squirrels to be a pest until they are unlucky enough to have them nesting in their loft, roof space or chimney of their home. Often the first signs will be scratching noises coming from the attic or roof space as well as signs of gnawing damage on woodwork and electrical cables. Squirrels can cause significant damage to properties and if they nest in your home then they can be very difficult to get rid of.

One of the most effective ways of removing squirrels is by catching them in traps as well as the use of baiting. Once caught squirrels should be destroyed humanely as it is an offence to release grey squirrels back into the wild. Our pest controllers are fully trained to remove squirrels and can help to make sure your property is protected from future re-inhabiting.

Problems Caused By Squirrels
Grey squirrels are a common problem in towns and cities and can cause damage to homes and properties by gnawing and chewing on electrical cabling and wooden structures. Like other types of rodent, squirrels need to keep their teeth trim by gnawing and this can cause a lot of damage to property. If they nest in your home the damage caused can be potentially dangerous if they damage roof joists and electrical cabling.

At Pestway we specialise in squirrel control so if you think you have a problem in your home or in your garden then give us a call today. Our technicians will be able to quickly confirm what the problem is as well as giving you a quote for the best course of action. Providing you are happy we will then be able to get to work removing the squirrels and destroying them in a humane manner.

Squirrel Proofing
At Pestway we can help to make sure that your home is properly squirrel proofed following an infestation. It is important to only seal your home once the squirrels have been removed to prevent further damage to your property. Once the problem has been treated our technicians will be able to carry out a proofing service to seal any points of entry into your home to prevent and future problems.

Prevention is far better than a cure so regularly maintaining your home and checking for damage to chimneys and roofing is key to preventing unwanted access to pests. Nearby trees should also be pruned to stop them from acting as a bridge allowing access to your home.

For full details about our squirrel pest control services and to book a pest control technician get in touch with us today by calling 0800 043 0047.

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