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If you find a wasp nest then it is important to have this removed as quickly as possible to avoid any problems. With up to 10,000 wasps living in a completed nest they can pose a real problem to home owners and businesses alike. Thankfully at Pestway we can provide you with a professional wasp nest removal service. The usual application of treatment for wasps is an insecticidal dust to the nest, around and into the entrance.

At Pestway we are fully licensed wasp exterminators and use professional pesticides for the guaranteed pest control of wasps. Depending on the type of nest our wasp nest removal and treatment will either use an insecticide dust or a liquid pesticide spray, or a combination of both.

Most wasp problems develop in April and May when the queen wasp ventures from her winter hibernation location in search of a suitable nesting site. Common nest locations include: garden hedges, under eaves, in sheds and outbuildings, in lofts and in wall cavities. As nests can measure more than 30cm in diameter and contain over 10,000 wasps they need expert removal and that's where our wasp pest control services can help.

In the months of August and September wasps become more active as the workers have finished building the nest and look for sources of sweet foods. During this period wasps can become an extremely annoying pest and can be a nuisance particularly in the garden. If you are seeing large numbers of wasps in your home or garden then you probably have a nest nearby. Depending on where the nest is located if it is located near people then it is best to have the wasp nest professionally removed.


Wasps are colonial insects and live in social groups with the queen at the centre of the nest. The queen establishes the nest in the spring months by making her own small nest from paper made by mixing wood and saliva. Through the summer months the colony grows in size and the worker wasps build the nest around the colony.

Worker wasps feed on nectar, sweet materials and insect larvae and during these summer months their numbers are greatly increased. Towards the end of the season males are developed by the colonies to mate with the presumptive queens who will overwinter and start a new colony the following year.

At Pestway we can offer our customers a full range of wasp pest control services from locating a nest to exterminating the wasps. We also offer a 100% treatment guarantee so if the problem persists we re-treat for free.

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